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New Open View HD Channel List

OVHD Channel List

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  1. It is a very good recorder but we really want a sport channel for soccer like sabc sport

  2. I’m so glad that the inentret allows free info like this!

  3. How do i install it myself satellites already installed now is not showing anything just
    No channels

  4. Hello Emelda, yes I have the very same exact problem with my OVHD Decoder as well and I was wondering if you have been helped and if your decoder is working properly as it should now. I have been stressing for 3days now without any pic or sound coming from my decoder and I’m starting to rethink the choice I made. Can you message me either here or via SMS on 0769584798 to let me know and put my mind at ease pretty please? 🙂 I am Claude and I’m in Johannesburg Eldoradopark. Desperately & Sincerely yours in waiting. 😉

  5. hooked on openview

    Just simply loving the channels that openview offers, however would like to know why channel 151:is no more showing on open view. Pease bring back a christian channel. Would like to also suggest openview showing some BBC movies and series….especially midsomer murders. Used to watch this on dstv and simply got hooked onto it.

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