WOZA Matrics 2020 catch up will support you all the way

woza matrics 2020 catch-up

Exams are never fun Your schooling has been disrupted and many of you are struggling with stress and hardships at home.WOZA Matrics 2020 is here to help you. WOZA Matrics is a programme designed to help matrics catch up on their studies and to assist Matrics nationwide with learning materials …

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Rhino poaching falls by a quarter in South Africa

The killing rate of rhinos has fallen by a quarter in South Africa after years in which poachers slaughtered them for their horns in record numbers. Most of the country's provinces have experienced “dramatic declines” in rhino poaching, the department of environmental affairs said. It said poachers killed 508 rhinos …

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Awesome tech made in South Africa

[ad_1] Everyone has heard the story about how Pratley’s Putty was invented and made in South Africa, and how it helped keep the Apollo 11 expedition vehicle together. There are, however, many more cool South African inventions which have been recognised by the global community for their impact. And yes, …

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OpenView HD – OPEN PVR

openview hd - open pvr

ABOUT OPEN PVR Openview is proud to present its exclusive PVR (personal video recorder) capabilities with Open PVR, a first for the platform. Openview subscribers with the latest decoder models can now enjoy premium features on Openview with the innovative Open PVR capabilities. Open PVR gives Openview viewers the chance …

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New Open View HD Channel List

Channels tv guide openview

Updated on June 20, 2020 Channel List TV ChannelsChannel numberChannel101SABC 1102SABC 2103SABC (HD)105eExtra (HD)106eMovies (HD)107eMovies Extra (HD)108eReality (HD)109Rewind110Star Life (HD)115Fight Sports (HD)120news & sport (HD)121BBC World News122DBE TV130eToonz (HD)134Mindset140Glow TV150Supa TV Radio StationsChannel numberRadio600YFM601Bok Radio602LM Radio603Gagasi FM604OFM605Heart FM607Radio Pulpit608Kaya FM609Trans Africa Radio Other posts in the TV Guide category …

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