Open view problems – Error 200, OVHD smart card expired 200

Open view problems

Are you experiencing the below errors messages?
Follow these instructions and enjoy your favourite shows.
Open view problems.

200 smart card expired
200 access denied
20 channels not subscribed
200 channels not activated

Here is the solution.

Press the “HELP” button on your Openview remote control to display the hel screen.

Your STB number will then be displayed on the help screen.
Please write this number down.

Press”Exit” on your remote control to return to channel 100.

select option 2 using a cell phone and follow the prompts.

Once your error has been cleared, you can use the “P+” and “P-” or “P↑” and “P↓” buttons on your remote control to change channels.

open view problems error 200

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  1. Please help. Error 200. Stb 313****65**

  2. I have been trying to follow the instructions but it still giving me another error Wasp 0155
    Please assist

  3. The *120*6843*1# doesnt work
    It shows on my phone service execution error

  4. can i upgrade my decoder if it shows eror 6

  5. i have the elsat box also older tech

    changed the sat setting to TP 5 and disconnected the smart card reader

    Works perfect, not going to waste my money buying another device when it works

  6. xolani piet skeyi

    HI my name is xolani piet skeyi i live in Hanover Northern cape please help me with my error code
    my postal code is 7005
    error code 69
    stb number ….

    PLEASE help i have try but i dont get it right

  7. Hi my name is Simon Falla from Pretoria I try to clear my error 200 but nothing. I try to send wattsup but no response

  8. Hi goodmorning i do al the steps on my openview and its works but software upgrade alot of hours and it still not working .can someone help me please.

  9. Hie,im receiving an error 200 on my OpenView decorder,could you kindly assist on how to clear the error,thanks

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