OpenView, that’s why you need to upgrade your old NDS decoder

Upgrade your old NDS decoder

To enjoy all the benefits of Openview this is why you need to upgrade your decoder if you still using an old NDS decoder.

  1. Support Available
  2. Decoders are 2-3 years so newer tech
  3. PVR Supported
  4. Openview Connect Supported

So don’t delay and upgrade today!

Why you need to upgrade

Old NDS BoxesNA9200 / KSTB2143/ KSTB2184
No support from manufacturerSupport available
7-8 Years old2-3 Years old
No support for PVRPVR supported
No support for Openview connectOpenview connect supported

Upgrade today!

upgrade your old NDS decoder

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  1. Good Day,
    I get a message on my screen saying “Decoder upgrade required”, also there is a yellow light always on on the decoder.
    Model S1
    How do I upgrade it?

  2. Would like to know if I can upgrade my old decoder for a new 1 and will it cost me?

  3. I have a message that I need to upgrade…. Why is this. Mine is working fine?

  4. Can one still use a pvr stick to record? I was told this is no longer an option

  5. What should i do if The ovhd shows only promo channel?

    • Visit the Support page.
      If you don’t find a solution, for further help WhatsApp 082 966 6429 or call the Openview Call Centre 0861 696 843.
      Important: Do you have an old NDS Boxes? No support for Openview connect.

  6. What happened to FREE!!! Openview!!! now we need to buy a new one for some lil small upgrade!!!! And we stuck with the old box atleast they could say if u upgrade and bring ur old box u get 20% off or something… typical money making scheme…

  7. Good day

    My decoder shows searching for signal… But all’s plugged in correctly, decoder was switched off and on..

  8. I recently experienced that channels 102 : SABC 2 HD and 103: SABC 3 HD are blocked out and not not available during certain times of the day.

    Please how it can be rectified.

    Pieter vd Walt

  9. Will the older decoders stop working? or will we still be able to use these older decoders as they were originally made to be used, just normal viewing with no pvr and no open view connect?

  10. Hi. I lost my remote for the old Elsat S1 decoder and I am trying to use it in a second room.
    I have a URC-7940 universal remote, but cannot find the right code for the Elsat S1.
    Anyone have an idea ?

  11. my Openview shows channel not found

  12. Hii my openview decoder wont go on when I press the power on button what could this be

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