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Openview is proud to present its exclusive PVR (personal video recorder) capabilities with Open PVR, a first for the platform. Openview subscribers with the latest decoder models can now enjoy premium features on Openview with the innovative Open PVR capabilities.

Open PVR gives Openview viewers the chance to take total control of their television viewing. Viewers can now record their favourite shows and content, without being restricted to watching it at a specific time. Open PVR allows viewers to schedule recordings across a range of channels, through easy to use functionality, as well as pause live television for up to 15 minutes. Viewers will also be able to record one channel while watching another channel, making sure they don’t miss out on any of the action on their television screens.

It’s an easy to use functional USB stick that can be inserted into the NA9200 Openview decoder model. Once installed, viewers can sit back and schedule all their recordings throughout the day. The Open PVR USB sticks are available in two sizes: 32GB, which can record up to 8 hours of HD content, and 64GB, which can record up to 18 hours HD content. If viewers miss a moment of their recorded content, they can rewind immediately to catch up.

It’s compatible with the NA9200 Openview decoder, and available at PEP and Dion Wired stores across South Africa. The DSD1465 Openview model capabilities will be available soon. More information will be announced in due course.

How to set up open PVR

Installing Open PVR

Follow these easy steps

  • Insert your Open PVR USB stick into the USB port at the back of your Open PVR enabled Openview set-top box.
  • Once your set-top box is back on a prompt screen will appear. Select ‘OK’ to activate your Open PVR.

Using Open PVR

To record a programme

  • Press the ‘GUIDE’ button on your Openview remote to display the programme guide.
  • Select the programme you would like to record and press the ‘RECORD’ button on your Openview remote to schedule the recording. A screen will pop up.
  • Select record and press ‘OK’ to confirm your recording.

Watching Open PVR

To watch a record programme

  • Press the ‘OPT’ or ‘PVR’ button depending on your Openview remote control, to view your recordings.
  • Select the programme you would like to play and enjoy. To pause live TV press the ‘PAUSE’ button on your remote control. You can pause live TV for up to 15 minutes with the 32G Open PVR USB stick and 30 minutes with the 64GB Open PVR USB stick.


PVR functionality is not available on SABC1, SABC2 or SABC3.
You should only insert an authentic Open PVR USB stick into your Openview set-top box. Any other USB sticks will not function.

For further help WhatsApp 082 966 6429 or call the Openview Call Centre 0861 696 843.

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  1. Hi which channels can be recorded

    • The quality of my recordings is not good. On playback it skips and i noticed that it only uses 100mb /ouer. What can i do to fix the problem

      • The solution I found is inconvenient, but it does work. When you have finished watching a recorded show, do NOT delete it if you still have other recordings you haven’t watched yet. When you have finished watching every recording on your stick, then you should reformat it. This clears the stick for new recordings, and they won’t skip or be shorter than they are supposed to be.

        It would be nice if one could delete each recording as soon as it’s been watched, so you could free up space for new recordings, but unfortunately when you delete a recording, it doesn’t always make a nice clean space for a good new recording – and the more times you delete and record without reformatting, the worse the quality gets.

        When you haven’t had time to watch everything on a full stick, and you need another stick for new recordings in the meantime, it’s infuriating that the sticks are so scarce – all the shops that supposedly sell them are sold out most of the time.

  2. Hi I have the 32gig USB. I set it up as per the instructions recorded once, but now it keeps telling me the USB not detected? Please help

  3. I have 32gig usb , I hv a problem that all my channels are not appearing seems like the stick was formatted so please advance me what to do. But beside everything it is an interesting set top box with nice channels

  4. Marchelle Daphne

    Hi I have the 32gig USB. I set it up as per the instructions recorded once, but now it keeps telling me the USB not detected and I need to FORMAT the usb.

  5. One has to have a separate decoder for each TV. So I have two TVs and two decoders.
    However, when I record something on the pvr stick (64G), it will only play back on that decoder; If I record on the pvr and then plug that stick into my second open view decoder, it won’t play.
    Also the recordings often freeze for moments and also skip ahead.

  6. I wanted to cancel my DSTV and almost bought an OVHD with PVR (personal video recorder) capabilities and then read this comment. (PVR functionality is not available on SABC1, SABC2 or SABC3.) So disappointed, I will know have to wait until they fix this issue.

  7. I’m thinking about purchasing a 32gb USB for my decoder and I’m just wondering if the USB would work on my laptop as well?

  8. There is no channel on my decorder how to activate my channels

  9. No it will not work on your PC as well… you can view the sticks content on your pc but you cannot do anything else. If you try to delete a file it will respond with “device is write protected”

  10. Hi, where can I get a PVR stick. Pep Stores do not have stock. Why is this so difficult to find? I live in the Parow/Belhar area in the western cape.

    • Hi, ‍‍the Open PVR stick can be purchased from PEP, Pick n Pay Hyper, Dion Wired, Checkers Hyper, OK Furniture, House & Home, and Makro and more.

  11. How nice of OVHD to just randomly discontinue the PVR sticks and deprive us of an advertised feature while these decoders just get more and more expensive – my folks are pensioners living off their SASA grant; they can’t afford data to STREAM something that you are too spiteful to just let them record as they did in the past – disgusting! 😡

  12. Great tutorial! I’m considering purchasing an OpenView HD PVR and this post has helped me understand the installation process. Can you please provide more information on how to connect the PVR to my TV and how to use the remote control?

  13. Thank you for sharing this detailed guide on how to install OpenView HD, OPEN PVR, and OVHD. I’ve been searching for a comprehensive guide like this for a while, and I’m glad I found it. I’m planning to install these systems on my own, and your instructions are very helpful. I have a few questions about the step-by-step process, but I’ll wait for your response before proceeding. Thanks again!

  14. Great tutorial! I’m excited to try out OpenView HD on my own PVR setup. The instructions were easy to follow and the videos were helpful. I’m looking forward to exploring the many features of OpenView HD and documenting my own installation experience. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thank you for this detailed guide on how to install OpenView HD and Open PVR. Your step-by-step instructions made it very easy for me to understand and complete the installation process. I’m now enjoying my favorite TV channels and shows without any issues.

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