OpenView – Is your STB software up to date

Update your STB software

If you are using Openview STB models:
KSTB 2184
KSTB 2143

Check to make sure you are on the latest software version and if not, follow the steps to upgrade your STB software.

Are you using the STB model below?

ModelSoftware Version

To upgrade your STB follow the following steps

  • Press HELP to confirm if your software is up-to-date.
  • Should your software not be updated, switch off your STB using the remote.
  • Wait for about 1 minute, your STB will start upgrading the software.
  • Wait for another 15 minutes for the software upgrade process to complete.

The above will ensure that your STB has future functionalities and all known issues fixed

cz stbs software upgrade
stb model software version
upgrade your STB software

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  1. I get a message to update software on my STB. Instruction says switch off using remote and an update screen will appear. This is not happening. when I switch the STB back on, I only get the Promo channel and nothing else…

  2. This decoder is can no longer be supported in term terms of software upgrades that are required. To enjoy uninterrupted viewing, ongoing technical support, PVR compatibility and access to the world of streaming through open view connect you need to purchase the latest open view decoder from a leading retailer. Thank you for walking this journey with us.Openview

  3. my decorder is not showing channels. l tried to reboot, reactivate the decoder but in vain. when l tried to reactivate it shows na E01 ERROR and says contact your customer care

  4. Hi There, My OVHD Decoder, Decided to not show channels neither channel 100, I need assistance,model is NA 9200

  5. Hi

    Sorry me again. Did that on and off switch to upgrade. The STB says Activated : Yes. And that PVR Status :RECORD (Enable ), PLAYBACK (Enable ).The S/W 00. 00.00.21

    Is everything okay please let me know.
    I would appreciate it.
    Oh by the way, finger problem it’s Yvonne not Yvonnr. Sorry

  6. I have the OLDER or one of the first edition of OVHD Decoders made or sold by ELLIES Known as the – MODEL: S1 of which is just in storage for quite a while. Can these ones be upgraded or altered with the new software? These where the decoders that still had the RF in and out plus the normal RCA connections and HDMI Connections with what looks like a card function for the future

  7. My decoder only shows the green light but nothing else happens. Where can I have it repaired.

  8. My decoder is upgrading none stop please help I want to watch RSA match.

  9. So the people who purchased the very stb loses their money because Open View upgraded the software and now they want us to purchase a NEW stb. Why not let the people who has these older stb’s return the stb for a discount on the purchase of the new stb? We all just wasted our money now that you have made the old stb’s null and void.

    @admin you are useless! Getting paid to refer people to an Open View installer… Is that all the advice you can offer? I’m sure you will delete my comment to make sure the people don’t realize just how useless you really are.

    Open View, you guys suck!

    Then I will rather use that money you want us to pay for a new stb and pay for 3 months of subscription to Netflix. At least I know they won’t leave me hanging like Open View. 🖕

    People! Don’t waste your money and time by purchasing an OVHD.

    • You’re free to express your opinion about OVHD, so we’ve approved your comment.

      We only offer informations about OVHD and how to solve its problems, everyone is free to buy (or not) the service.
      If anyone needs an installer, they can find it here.

  10. after loadshedding decoder goes back to promo channel. IS THERE A RASON FOR THIS.

    The decoders is at a headend distribution system. Only sabc channels is fine buth decoders with etv and frans 24 is going to promo channel after loadshedding.

  11. my decorder does not respond to remote control, does not start the open view program. it looks like the software is deleted. How does one restore the software?

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