About OVHD Installers

This site was born in 2017 with the aim of giving information about Open View, the free satellite TV active in South Africa. At the same time, we wanted to create a directory of Open View installers.

In 2020 it was purchased by fmstudio.it

Since then, several improvements to the site navigation and content have been introduced. New resources have been added to provide additional help to users.
Now you can find on the Portal a lot of support information, guides on how to connect, how to activate the service, and decoder technical specifications. In addition, important Faqs have been added, which provide valuable help to users, and especially where to buy Openview HD decoder, and much more.
There is also a Blog with many Posts related to news, support, troubleshooting, errors, and TV guide.

The Openview installers directory catalogues the companies present in all the provinces.
For each province all the cities are available, so that users can easily search for them.
Not only that, there is also a search feature to find the service or installer you are looking for faster.
Finally, installers can register their company in the directory for free.
And if they wish, they can also put their activity in Evidence. The service is subject to a fee.

What exactly is Open View HD?
And when was it born?

OVHD or OpenView HD is a Free To View Direct Broadcast Satellite television provider in South Africa which is run by Platco Digital (part of the eMedia Group which includes free-to-air channel e.tv and the 24 hour news channel eNCA). OpenView is currently the fastest growing DTH platform in Southern Africa having increased its market share by over 90% in 2016/17. It was launched on 15 October 2013 but struggled at first to grow its base.

In March 2016 eMedia brought in a new managing director, Patrick Conroy, who had previously run the groups news company including its 24-hour news service eNCA.

Growth has been attributed to Platco subsidizing its set-top-box to keep the retail price below R399 ($29) and successfully negotiating distribution deals with South Africa’s top Retail chains. OpenView does not charge monthly subscription fees but instead relies on carriage fees and advertising.

Who is fmstudio.it?

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