OpenView – Clearing on-screen error messages

Error messages

Openview: on-screen error messages.
You can clear these from your mobile phone.

  1. Dial the number on your mobile phone *120*6843*1#
  2. Select option 2 to clear error codes
    Welcome to Openview
    1. Activate Set Top Box
    2. Clear Error Codes
    3. Reset Parental Control PIN
    4. Authorised installers
  3. Enter your area postal code or city postal code
    Please enter postal code and reply
  4. Select 1
    Welcome to Openview self-service
    1. Clear Error Messages
  5. Select 1-4 depending on your error message
    Select the error code that appears on your TV screen:
    1. E04 or E06
    2. 20 or 200 – Channel not subscribed/activated
    3. 206 or 69 – Access Denied
    4. 200 – No Secure Device
  6. Enter your STB number
    Please enter your STB number
  7. Process completed
    Please wait 5-10min for your error message to be cleared.
    Thank you.

*SMS charged at R1,50

openview clearing on screen error messages

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  1. Morning, my Elsat decoder is showing smart card invalid E02 . What can I do to clear the error code

  2. Error 155 on whatsapp service
    Pls assist to clear error 200

  3. How can i fix E04 error message on my decoder?

  4. Hi. MY decoder date is 01/01/1970. i have tried reboot. factory reset. does not work. tried a different decoder it works fine. signal on different decoder 100%. on my decoder 0% WHY. How can i reset it plz

  5. Good day

    Can you please help me with my openview, on the screen says “smartcard have expired” what can i do?

    • If you get error E06 on the screen, (E06) – Card is not authorised (20) – Channels not subscribed, you will need to reactivate the decoder or clear the error:

      1. Go to channel 100.
      2. Dial the number (*120*6843*1#) on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen using a cell phone.
      3. Select option 2 to cleat error codes and follow prompts.

      For further help, WhatsApp 082966 6429 or call the Openview Call Centre 0861 696 843.

    • I have error code E04 on my screen. When I dial self help USSD code, there is no selection for code E04. What now?

  6. I have tried activating and it say successful and also tried clearing the error code using my phone. I have spent almost R100 trying to activated the decorder. Pls help.

  7. Hi, I have error message E04. Unable to get through on *128*6843*1#, or either of the help numbers. Is there anyone there? No response to a whatsapp text as well.

  8. tendai chiwandamira

    I am getting an E155 error when clearing all errors after using my ussd and stb number.

  9. Trying to clear E04 error. Tried to reset passwords, reactivate decoder and try to clear error messages.
    Error E04 not even an option to select. Have to type it in then it appears on the second try. After clearing I get error 155. And decoder still blocked.

  10. Hi, my Open view is not showing the pictures but I can hear the sound n voices but not clearly its cutting n the screen is showing rainbow colours what should be the problem.

  11. I get error code 200 no valid secure device. Then when I go through the process over text and after entering my stb number it says this process cannot be completed E155

  12. Hi I have a error code 200..iv tried to call n SMS your number keeps saying ul are not available

    STB 31….59

  13. Please assist; my decoder is displaying a “No Channel”
    Error. How do I go about this?

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