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OpenView – Is your STB software up to date

Update your STB software

If you are using Openview STB models:
KSTB 2184
KSTB 2143

Check to make sure you are on the latest software version and if not, follow the steps to upgrade your STB software.

Are you using the STB model below?

ModelSoftware Version

To upgrade your STB follow the following steps

  • Press HELP to confirm if your software is up-to-date.
  • Should your software not be updated, switch off your STB using the remote.
  • Wait for about 1 minute, your STB will start upgrading the software.
  • Wait for another 15 minutes for the software upgrade process to complete.

The above will ensure that your STB has future functionalities and all known issues fixed

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stb model software version
upgrade your STB software

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  1. I get a message to update software on my STB. Instruction says switch off using remote and an update screen will appear. This is not happening. when I switch the STB back on, I only get the Promo channel and nothing else…

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