Openview no signal. Phenomenon called rain fade

Openview no signal

Sometimes it is possible to have these problems: openview no signal.
For example, if you are experiencing rain, the signal maybe affected and it will be back once the rain has subsided.
When it rains the uplink is affected and there may be signal problems due to a phenomenon called rain fade.
The picture on the Openview decoder will break up.

How to get signal on my ovhd

You have to wait. This problem will go away once the rain has subsided or stopped.

Another example of signal loss.
Your Openview signal will be affected if there is a storm where the satellite uplink is transmitted.
You can have problems even if it doesn’t rain in your area. Your picture may be affected.
If Johannesburg is experiencing rain or thunderstorms, please be patient should you have a loss in signal, it will be restored, once the rain has subsided.

In this case, if you lose the Openview signal, wait a day or two before contacting an installer.
So the solution is to wait.

openview no signal rain fade

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  1. Dries Bezuidenhout

    I need to know whether or not I must decouple the cable from the antenna to the decoder during times of lightning and thunder. Thank you.

  2. No signal or channels detected. Tried factory reset and channel search several times.
    Set-top box no.: 33946486736

  3. I am having trouble with my Openview now for 2 days constantly no signal – I have reset and checked all cables

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