OVHD Satellite Switch – Important Update

OVHD will soon no longer be using the services of one of our two satellites currently used for broadcasting.

If you are tuned into the satellite we are switching off, you will need to move your dish. To get assistance from our Installers please submit your contact details using the form below. Alternatively please go to Channel 100 to see if your satellite dish needs to be moved.


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  1. Catherine MacDonald

    Cannot get get signal or channels Please help

  2. Maryka Van Der Tas

    No signal!
    E52 searching frequency 11170 MHz
    Every day this is a issue, it’s a clear day
    More trouble with the new decoder that the older one

    • Hello, to reset your decoder, please do the following:
      1. Press Menu on the decoder remote
      2. Scroll to Settings
      3. Press Ok System Settings
      4. Scroll to Factory reset and Press OK
      5. Enter Pin 1234/0000
      6. Select the Yes option make sure its highlighted then press OK on the decoder remote. Once the decoder has completed the reboot Press P-up or P-Plus on your remote to change your channels.

      • Hi, I followed your steps above but my decoder still reboots with the E52 error code. It worked perfectly for months prior to this.

        Please help…

      • I am having same problem as some of you E52 I tried every step this thing is giving me second thoughts about having it forever and I don’t think my friend will buy it because of this problem this is a second time my favorite are passing me by now this is a problem I am thinking of second options maybe paying is not going to give me this problem 😡😡😡😡😡

  3. My decoder does not switch on. The light on the plug us on and so is the light on the remote when a digit is pressed.
    The on button on the decoder also does not do anything.

  4. No signal!! Perfectly clear day… showing E52 searching for signal – frequency 11170MHz.
    I never had his problem with the old decoder. Please help

  5. Leslie-Ann Alexander

    No signal!
    E52 searching frequency 11170 MHz .what happened to free forever.

  6. I am facing a problem with the OpenView HD decoder. It shows the E52 message. We tried to reboot and restart and it showed “The channel list is empty” Can someone please assist in identifying what can be the problem.

    • I have the same problem now. What did you eventually do to sort it out?

    • Did you get sorted out I got the same problem.

      • The problems can be different:

        1 – Previously had signal but now due to heavy cloud/rain or a cabling/dish alignment issue you now have lost signal. Often when the weather returns clear the problem is solved.
        2 – Check if anything is obstructing your satellite dish. The satellite dish on your roof needs a clear line of sight to the sky to receive the signal.
        3 – If the problem persists, call an Openview installer near your home. Or For further help WhatsApp 082 966 6429 or call the Openview Call Centre 0861 696 843.

  7. Poor signal and was of for a long time

  8. Im am also facing the same issue on a daily basis and its very frustrating! And i had someone sort out the signal couple weeks ago

  9. E52 Searching for signal- Fregquency 11170 MHZ Error. The dish was working fine after we called in to be set uo last month now all of the sudden there is no signal. I cant call someone to fix and pay once again for installation. Ive followed the steps but still gives the same error message.

    Please assist.

  10. Has anyone managed to fix the E52 problem . iam having the same problem

  11. Same as problem. Call for DSTV installation. Paid for them R850. For checking in our home dish. Not solved. What now? Replace satellite box? Not working.??

  12. does anyone have a solution

  13. Since a bad storm get Error 52
    Also no channels.

    • My decoder does not switch on. The light on the plug is on and so is the light on the remote when a digit is pressed.
      But the on button on the decoder does not do anything, it’s not switching on,shows no light.

  14. Hie my decoder only shows 13tv channels and 1 radio station how do I add more I have tried scaning it doesn’t work m in Johannesburg

  15. Why does the signal strength read 100 but qualities only 58 even after having a technical Ian out ….at great cost

  16. Ovhd says


  17. Openview has no signal and I’ve tried everything i can and channel 100 does not play

  18. Good evening

    There is a notice saying E52 searching etc
    Please assist further as we cannot watch or view any channels

    • Hi, follow these steps to restore signal:
      1 – Disconnect the power and LNB (Dish) cables that are connected to your Openview decoder.
      2 – Once both cables have been removed from the decoder, reinsert the LNB cable first, followed by the power supply cable, and wait for the decoder to reboot automatically.
      3 – When the decoder has restarted, check to see whether any visuals are appearing on the screen.
      Now all channels should be restored.
      If you still have problems contact Openview.
      WhatsApp 082966 6429 or call the Call Centre 0861 696 843.

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