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OVHD Satellite Switch – Important Update

OVHD will soon no longer be using the services of one of our two satellites currently used for broadcasting.

If you are tuned into the satellite we are switching off, you will need to move your dish. To get assistance from our Installers please submit your contact details using the form below. Alternatively please go to Channel 100 to see if your satellite dish needs to be moved.


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  1. Catherine MacDonald

    Cannot get get signal or channels Please help

  2. Maryka Van Der Tas

    No signal!
    E52 searching frequency 11170 MHz
    Every day this is a issue, it’s a clear day
    More trouble with the new decoder that the older one

    • Hello, to reset your decoder, please do the following:
      1. Press Menu on the decoder remote
      2. Scroll to Settings
      3. Press Ok System Settings
      4. Scroll to Factory reset and Press OK
      5. Enter Pin 1234/0000
      6. Select the Yes option make sure its highlighted then press OK on the decoder remote. Once the decoder has completed the reboot Press P-up or P-Plus on your remote to change your channels.

      • Hi, I followed your steps above but my decoder still reboots with the E52 error code. It worked perfectly for months prior to this.

        Please help…

  3. My decoder does not switch on. The light on the plug us on and so is the light on the remote when a digit is pressed.
    The on button on the decoder also does not do anything.

  4. No signal!! Perfectly clear day… showing E52 searching for signal – frequency 11170MHz.
    I never had his problem with the old decoder. Please help

  5. Leslie-Ann Alexander

    No signal!
    E52 searching frequency 11170 MHz .what happened to free forever.

    • You should get a proper signal quality. have you tried resetting the decoder ??? If you might be around Limpopo I can come to assist 0814850654

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