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Preparing for a 16 500km journey through South Africa

Although nervous, Janó believes that he will achieve what he is setting out to do.

Janó will tackle a 16 500km-journey through South Africa and neighboring countries (nine in total) on a 2015 Honda XR150. The latter has already done 12 500km, is stock standard, and it has been prepared for the trip by Honda Wing in Mbombela.

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They have also, through Honda South Africa, organised with the Honda dealers in Lusaka and Windhoek to support Janó with service on the bike when he arrives in these towns.

“I love to watch the Voetspore programme on TV and this inspired me to embark on this trip.”

Janó who recently completed his helicopter PPL licence and started studying mechanical engineering, has decided to interrupt his studies to pursue this gap-year adventure and perhaps, he says, “it will become the first of many.” He will try to average 250-300 km/day.

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Financing for this trip? “Well yes, it was, is a challenge. I am funding it myself so the budget is tight and dictates that I will have to do without some things that I would rather not. And of course, I also have to keep the weight down.

My mascot, CoCo, will be my only company on this trip. For the rest, it will be about people, new places, and many experiences from which I will gain personal growth, insight and wisdom.”

Well, when you read this, Janó will be on his way through Swaziland.

We did suggest he starts a Facebook page to keep everyone on top of his whereabouts, so find it and follow him. We will complete this story on his return.

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