Social Media Marketing Manager

We are looking for a Social Media Marketing Manager to help manage our group of products including our Installers Directory.

We are looking for a Social Media Manager to lead social marketing and communications for South Africa. This position will be based in Durban, South Africa.

While we regard community management as an essential and key function for this role, social managers do a lot more than just publishing and replying to fans. Our social managers have a holistic view of the company and work closely with regional marketing and PR teams, as well as with other members of the social team tasked with building communities around our original shows.

As such, social managers also function as social strategists in charge of developing and executing campaigns designed to both sustain and bolster positive social engagement around key shows with an emphasis on high-impact executions capable of generating social spikes and earned media.

Specific responsibilities include:

Adapting and complementing global campaigns and social strategies to increase their cultural and local relevance. This effort reaches far beyond content localization and focuses instead on leveraging market and cultural insights to produce high-impact creative like this and this.

Effective partnering with marketing and PR counterparts to build cross-functional campaigns and strategies.

Determining and managing budgets for agency retainers, stunts and other campaign tactics like influencer outreach and social creator programs. Providing social insights to determine if specific shows have social potential in the market.

Managing existing agencies in the region and adjust or end relationships with vendors as needed in order to ensure high quality standards and effective investment.

Ensuring the creation of monthly analytic reports on audience growth, best performing tactics and key conversational threads with the aim to improve strategy or engineer cultural moments.

Identify content creators and social influencers in key market and work on establishing partnerships rather than merely transactional relationships with them.

Build relationship within representatives of key social platforms to procure first-to- market social strategies and tactics. Interfacing with the Programmatic media buying team to provide the right social ad creative for specific target audiences.

Our ideal candidate will be: Deeply knowledgeable about social media in Latin America. The manager will be tapped into emerging platforms, aware of other successful campaigns, and will have a vision for success in a competitive landscape. As a member of our lean and agile team, the successful employee will be as comfortable firing off a humorous tweet as they are writing strategy and producing a major campaign for an original show.

Creative. Our social channels are one of the best tools we have to nurture relationships with members and make us a brand people love so much they want to change their Facebook status to being “In a serious relationship with us.” We need someone who can put forth big ideas, stunning creative, and spot on copy in support of new content, the product, and the brand. The winning manager will also be responsible for integrating social media into campaigns from our counterparts in PR and Marketing.

Able to demonstrate a proven track record in project management. The candidate will have experience working with agencies and will have run successful campaigns for a major brand or entertainment property either in house or at an agency.

An adult. Every tweet is an official statement from the brand. Our winning candidate will have a deep understanding of the business context and will make intelligent decisions that benefit the long term value of the brand. The candidate will also represent the social team in regional markets and to other departments, working closely with us, PR, Product, Content Licensing, Customer Service, and Insights groups. The manager will exhibit quick thinking, great calm, excellent taste, and a good sense of humor.

Fun. At the end of the day, we’re selling entertainment. The successful manager will be someone who loves TV and film more than sharks love blood, and can speak naturally about the entertainment business, buzzworthy new TV shows, and the latest Oscar bait, as well as understanding how to connect these with the national conversation in noteworthy and innovative ways.

Qualifications: The candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years’ experience working in a corporate, agency, or studio setting focused on social media and digital marketing communications.

Please send your CV and cover letter to our Director of Marketing
Jane Taylor

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